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James Ashcroft's books

In the first book - Making a Killing - the Autor describe his stay in Baghdad, from October 2003 to April 2005. His mainly task, together with bunch of friends from the firm, was to secure water purification station and to train 1500 group of Iraqis, which in future ought to secure the station on the instalation to water transmitting to the Baghdad. He describe personal protection role to - especially for journalists. Very interesting is change in behavior of journalists to men from protection team before first "contact" - live fire - and after. There is a lot of difficult question in the book: about legitimacy of intervention in Iraq, about it's reasons, about missing of long-term plan. There is distance look at security companies and at men hired by it, too. Remark about unadapted behavior of PSC or soldiers to cultural habbits in Iraq is important. The opinion about Iraqi people is not very optimistic - maybe not hopeless as the Author found some Iraqi friends - but just take a look at the end of the book. And all described in good English way.

The Author finished the book in June 2006. In my opinion it allowed him to abreact, think about and to thoroughly analize the events. The book gained in value.

The second book - Escape from Baghdad - describe the resque mission. The Author with friends is caming back to Baghdad to get his Iraqi friend and his family over the border from Iraq. There is a bitter tone too - fate of hundreds of Iraqis - translators workind for the Coalition Forces. When they were not longer needed their personal data was given without hesitation to Iraqi goverment. This mindlessness led to the murder of hundreds of them.

And one more important thing - but I will quite the Author's words:

"...I never took a penny of the royalties sent to me for Making a Killing. I just forwarded them to him (Sammy his friend "taken" from Iraq) and his family, with a personal top-up now and then, just to keep body and soul together..."

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