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Act of Valor

November 112th, 2001

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November 5th, 2011

New extended trailer of Act of Valor -


I do not know if you will believe me but US Navy officially ordered to service members of Navy SEAL between deployments to BE ACTORS in this movie. Hard to belive, isn't it?

The whole story began in 2008 when on Captain David Smith request, Naval Special Warfare proposed to some companies to make the movie which will advertise the service in The Navy, honor fallen members of NSW and tear off the label attached to Navy SEAL after such productions of 90s like "Navy SEALs" with Charlie Sheen. The producers were offered free access to NSW resiurces but not funding. The Banditi Brithers compnay was chosen (more about: - worth to see!). On the beginning the professional actors were going to play in movie. But as the shooting progressed (the screenplay of the movie begun to be a screenplay of SEAL's exercises - each scene was de facto the real exercise of the Unit) the question was asked: do we really need professional actors? The play in the movie was proposed to soldiers of Navy SEAL (two scenes of "clearing" the premises were shots - on played by actors, the second with SEALs; the actors movied as slow down by something...). It tooks almost 4 months to persuade soldiers to act in movie. In their decision in hand Naval Special Warfare officially ordered to soldier between deployments to play in this production. But their names will not appear in movie credits - instead the names of all fallen after September 11th members of NSW will be listed...

The screenplay was ordered from Kurt Johnstad (co-writer of the "300" screenplay so like by the members of special forces units). Many true events are included in the screenplay.

After completed of the film 1800 hours of recording was checked to avoid disclosing of senstive informations.

To avoid involving the movie's premiere with presidential campaign in uSA the premiere is planned fro "presidential weekend" on Febraury 17th 2012.


the souce: "Hollywood Tries a New Battle Plan" John Jurgensen The Wall Street Journal


Link to the official web page of Act of Valor:

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