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Letters from Colonel Cahrlie A. Beckwith to General Yarborough

First letter dated on July 12th, 1981:

General Yarborough,

Sir, you are very kind to share the outstanding "Girnich" paper with me.

Also I have passed the F.DJAM paper to the Agency - hopefully they will be bright and recruit him.

Many thanks for your time and wisdom as I attemp to set a plan to manage the special operations bureau.

Very respectfully,


The letter was written after Colonel Beckwith was retired. He start to work as a president of security consulting firm.


The second letter was written in 1983, before the Delta Force was published:

Dear General Yarborough,

A short note to let you know I'm still alive and well.

Based on a recent visit to Washington D.C. and the CSA, it appear the personnel side of Special Ops may get on hock. Hopefully, a just step in putting some teeth in the entire effort. The time may be vipe to harness-up Sp. Ops activities in the service under one command - then DoD will be on cause. Needless to say the Intelligence Community would have to re-organize and get serious to support such an effort.

I'm happy to report Katherine & I love Texas and businness has begun to move forward.

Please give my warm regards to Mrs. Yarborough. I talked to Beppy Edwards the other evening. You take care, Sir.

Very respectfully,


PS. My book will be on the street October 83.

In my opinion Col. Beckwith and Gen. Yarborough was working together to create to Special Operation Command (created in April 1987).

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