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JAK Raymond Jackson and SAS

Have you heard about Black Pudding Luncheon Club and its 22 members? The Club has even own emblem - a winged black pudding...

And have you heard about JAK? Cartoonist creating for 31 years for the Evening Standard?

Now I will connect it all - about JAK (Raymond Jackson) you can read on WEB - I encourage all to do it - enough to say that he was a cartoonist, watercolour painter, judo expert and connoisseur of life - champagne, parties, the company of women... With SAS he met first time on Borneo - he met with soldier being tattooed by a Dyak head-hunter. It intrigued JAK - and in short time tattooed soldier and his friend took JAK into jungle to visit the tribes. Then he was drawing SAS troopers many times - big, black dresses men with knife in mouth (it was JAK's way to desribe tough men very respected by him). In the end the Colonel of the Regiment bought some JAK's drawing to the mess and desided to go to JAK's cabin with Regimental Sergeant Major to pick it up. JAK invited them for the lunch, then many lunches followed (often ended in the morning of the next day - often with the result of higher level of walking-wounded then even tough SAS might expect). During one the the lunches - in Savoy Grill, RSM ordered black pudding - and Black Pudding Luncheon Club was born with its 22 members, emblem, tie and flag - on its meeting the black pudding is served. Maybe I should write "was served" 'cause I do not know if after JAK's dead the Club's meetings keep undergoing...

The Regimental Sergeant Major who ordered the black pudding is interesting character too. I think that it was Peter Ratcliffe. In his book - Eye of the storm - Peter Ratcliffe is writing about unusual sergeant's mess meeting, which took place behind enemy lines during war in Iraq (typish British, isn't it?). I will write more about it in separate part descibing Peter Ratcliffe book. There is photo of this meeting in PR's book and a cartoon too - by JAK. Under is written: the author and the cartoonist became firm friends.

After JAK's dead the former officer in the SAS said: The Regiment is saddened to hear of his death...


(the source: JAK - His Life & Work)

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