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General W.P. Yarborough - Father of the modern Green Berets

William Pelham Yarborough - almost unknown in Poland but for sure worth to know. Designer of the parachutist's qualification badge, the paratrooper's boots, the paratrooper's uniform and the number of aerial delivery containers for which he received US patents. As a Commander of the Special Warfare Center in Fort Bragg he arranged for President Kennedy's visit to Fort Bragg, resulting in the authorization of the Green Berets as an official headgear of Special Forces. Idea maker, together with General Bryan D. Brown, of creation of knife for Special Forces - similiary to its ancestor in World War II - V-42 (for the First Special Service Force - Devil's Brigade) and the Fairbairn-Sykes Knife (for OSS). The knife was named "Yarborough knife" in honor of General Yarborough and it is issued to every US Army Special Forces soldier upon graduation from SF Qualification Course. The knives are engraved with Yarborough name and a serial number. The soldier's name is written together with his knife number into the special register in Fort Bragg. He was the idea maker of Special Forces Prayer (written in 1961 by Chaplain John Stevey) and JFK Chapel in Fort Bragg. He is also an honorary member of the British SAS Regiment. The artist - painter "...who sent Christmas cards every year, a different one to each individual, with a different drawing of his own each one..." (R. Gresham).

For more information please search the WEB. In March 2011 the book about General Yarborough wrote by Mr. Rudi Gresham (aide and friend of General Yarborough) should be publish - for 100% I will describe it here...

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