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Freddie Frog & Sammy the seal

Next to the Trident the others emblems of Navy SEAL are two characters - frog and seal - often shown on coins or badges of Team's.

The story of Freddie Frog is very well described in excellent book of Sue Ann Dunford & James Dougles O'Dell More Than Scuttlebutt The U.S. Navy Demolition Men in WWII. Freddie was designed during the contest for schoulder patch by cartographer Jack Tomlinson, assigned to UDT2 during time of War in Korea. It replaced current combat demolition emblem - the octopus. Freddie has a stick of dynamite in his hand and a stick of dynamite with a burning fuse in his mouth - which looks like a cigar.

When Navy SEAL came into being in 1962 there was TV series made by W. Disney: Sammy, the way-out seal. Sammy became the logo of Navy SEAL. "If you will look at Team ONE emblem you will see Sammy wearing a beret, hiding behind a cloak which he has draped across his left arm, and holding a dagger in his right hand. This pose conveys an idea - a phrase - which is familiar to Americans through their Hollywood movies. That phrase is "cloak and dagger", and it refers to movie heroes who work in the shadows, using darkness as a "cloak", and who are very dangerous and deadly warriors - but silent like dagger..." - thanks a lot Steve!

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