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Task Force 50

Coins of Military Unit Komandosów in Task Force 50 Afghanistan.

Coin #1 was made for X Deployment of PKW. On its obverse name of 1 PSK and badge. Last time this version of the badge was handed during Unit's holiday on October 7th, 2011. Project of this coin was done during or shortly before changing the Unit's name. That is the reason of 1 PSK badge on it.

On the #2 coin new version of the badge & name (in spite of the fact that there is still no official directive of Polish Ministry of Defence). Changes: the knive's blade is directed up, number 1 is missing. There is commemorative badge on this coin. On the coin #1 is identification badge of the Unit.

One can only speculate as to why direction of the blade was changed - one say that blade directed to the ground is a symbol of surrender, give up. Others that it is symbol of defence. While the blade directed up is a symbol of readiness to fight, attack.

Few words about reverse of the coin #2. In the middle is the symbol of "Combined Operation" from World War II time. The same symbol was the badge of No.10 I.A. Commando - 6 Troop. Military Unit Komandosów is it's successor. The symbol on the left side it is an order of Virtuti Military (highest Polish Military decoration). It was given to No.10 I.A. Commando - 6 Troop. That is the reason to place it on CT "B" coin.

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