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Coins made for the Unit's order

Descriptions of the each coin are also in gallery.


#1 Coin of 2nd Special Group (Airborne) Combat Team "A". On the reverse - shape of parachutist during HAHO/HALO jump.

#2 Coin of the Combat Team "C". On the obverse badge of Baon AK Parasol (Umbrella). It was Polish undegroung army unit created in 1943 by soldier of "cichociemni" captain Adam Borys "Pług" from 75 Polish scouts.

#3 Coin of 3rd Special Group (Mountain) of Combat Team "C".

The same coins like #2 and #3 were given by the Commanders of CT C and 3rd SG during VII rotation of Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan in FOB Warrior to Polish Artillery Unit from Węgorzewo. It was a token of gratitude to Artillery men.

#4 Coin made for 18th Anniversary of creation of 1 Pułk Specjalny Komandosów (1st Commando Special Regiment). On the reverse motto of the Unit: Quet and Effective.

#5 Coin of 2nd in Command of 1 PSK Lieutenant Colonel Sławomir Drumowicz.

#6 Coin from 2004 for the 11th Anniversary of the Regiment.

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