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"For Outstanding Performance"

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment was created as the consequence of Operation „Eagle Clow”.
Coins presented in the gallery were handed for outstanding performance. Both have similar design and finishing. It is worth to mension the shapes of helicopters used by the Regiment - MH-6 or AH-6 Little Bird, MH-60 Black Hawk (in some different versions) and MH-47 Chinook.

#1 Coin presented by the Regiment Command Sergeant Major.
#2 Coin presented by the supply support activity unit called Red Dogs.  The emblem in the middle of the obverse is very interesting. It is emblem of the US Army Logistics. Here it’s description: “…The Logistics branch insignia depicts a diagonally crossed cannon and key surmounted by a ship’s steering wheel. Bearing on the hub is a stylized star. Inscribed on the ship’s wheel is the Latin phrase, “Sustinendum Victoriam,” which means “Sustaining Victory.” Soldier red is the Logistics branch color. The key represents the Quartermaster branch’s supply and service responsibilities; the ship’s wheel denotes the Transportation branch’s responsibilities for the movement of troops, supplies, and equipment; the cannon represents the Ordnance branch’s responsibilities for maintenance and munitions; and the stylized star represents the unity and integration of logistics functions…” – source:

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