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Task Force Ranger

In the events in Mogadishu participated Rangers from Bravo Company of 3rd Batallion 75th Rangers Regiment. Regiment consist of four Batallions – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Training.

#1 3rd Batallion’s coin – there are the names of the places where Batallion fought on the edge of the coin. In the middle on both sides of “punisher” skull emblems of Commander and Chief Sergeant Major. On the reverse – emblem of the Regiment, above the name of the Batallion. On lower part motto of the Regiment “Sua Sponte” – “Their own accord”. On the edge of the coin are letters "NWTMINT" - the name of coin's manufacturer - Northwest Territorial Mint.

#2 2nd Batallion’s coin – similar like on 3rd Batallion’s coin there are the names of the places where Batallion fought on the edge of the coin. The date under the name of the Batallion is the date of Regiment’s reactivation after WWII. On the reverse: emblem of the Regiment, motto in Latin and motto born during WWII: “On 6 June 1944, during the assault landing on Dog White sector of Omaha Beach as part of the invasion of Normandy, General Norman Cota (assistant CO of the 29th ID(Infantry Division)) approached Maj. Max Schneider, CO of the 5th Ranger Battalion and asked “What outfit is this?”, Schneider answered "5th Rangers, sir!" To this, Cota replied “Well, goddammit, if you're Rangers, lead the way!” From this, the Ranger motto—"Rangers lead the way!"—was born.” The source – Wikipedia.

Following coins are from training battalion. Both are the awards “for excellence”.

#3 The first in the shape of the US Infantry School emblem connected with Rangers patch and Airborne patch. The words “Follow me” are the motto of US Infantry. It came from the poem “I am the Infantry” written by LTC Stephen H. White, assisted by Col Francis X. Bradley and SP4 Howard Webber based on the original poem “I am the Guard” by unknown author. On the reverse: the name of the Batallion, engraved number – I was asked to cover it, combat badge of the Infantry, Ranger’s mottoa, RSLC is a short for „Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader Course and the emblem of RSLC. On the RSLC emblem Latin words „In orbe terrum non visi” – „All Around the World, Unseen”.

#4 The coin „For Excellence” from the Commander of the Batallion in shape of Ranger’s patch. Rights to wear it is obtained by the participants after finishing the course.

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