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Robin Sage's exercise - culmination of Special Forces training

The Robin Sage is the final exercise for American Special Forces (Green Berets) taking part curently 8 times a year. It is organized by John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.
The exercise is 2 weeks long. It is carried in 15 countries in North Carolina on the area of 14,000 square miles. Usually almost 1000 people takes part in exercise – over 100 candidates for Green Berets, over 400 employed persons playing the roles of resistance of fictional country Pineland and the same number of civilians and military personel.
During the exercise students have to get into the Pineland, make a contact with resistance and avoiding the capture by seeking them forces fulfill the task.

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And interesting information about the name of the exercise. It came from North Carolina town of Robins and name of Colonel Jerry Sage. He was OSS officer during World War II. His escapes from Nazi camp were so famous that it was decided to make the movie about this events. Main role - Colonel Sage - was played by... Steve McQueen and the movie title is "The Great Escape".

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