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"Ask forgiveness not permission" Howard Leedham.

I am reading a lot, but I never found any information about this operation of US State Department. It is 2003, former officer of British SOF is hired to establish in Pakistan quick reaction forces, which using helicopters delivered by USA, will help to seal the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Pathan tribesmen from mountains will be members of this force.

I do not know why this book is not famous. Maybe because it is too honest. Author is writing not only about successes but also about stumbling blocks in his way put by different agencies from Pakistan and USA, not able to cooperate with each other. And about the price to be paid – in his case it was family which was lost during his one year absence.

I remember three rules from this book, in my opinion formulas for success of its HAF (Howard And Friends :D): if you want to teach something to the men you lead, you have to show that you can do it by yourself;  each success and failure is made by specific men, not by procedures or equipment; if you want to do something in correct way, it have to be done by specialists, and specialists do not work for next to nothing.

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