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Al Kut Last Deployment

The extraordinary book - not available in public sale, printed only in 500 pcc and distributed between members of deployment, their families and in military units. It included very personal memories of enlisted, non-commissioned officer and officers from VII Deployment of Polish Military Contigent in Republic of Iraq in 2007.

It included description of preparation to the deployment, first impressions after arraving to Iraq, difficult process of earning for trust of Iraqi people and allied forces. It included very personal memories to - about building the chappel, about medical care to every child, woman, man seeking it. I have not saw any similiar book about Polish deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan - it is a pitty that we are so deeply engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is only one such book about it. In other countries for example in United Kingdom or USA there is a lot of such books. Some of them are for sure full commersial but mainly there are private memories of soldiers (just look at Infidel), which are making the war more "humanized". Such books are teaching, in my opinion, to respect and uderstanding for more than once young people fighting for FREEDOM somewhere long way from home.

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