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"The Red Circle" by Brandon Webb

April 4th, 2013

Polish Wydawnictwo ZNAK published "Red Circle"!

June 10th, 2012

Should the memories of special operations forces’s soldiers be published? How it is connected to their second name “quiet professionals”? How many stories could be told? Clear – secrets are not betrayed. About way of action, identity of colleagues, details (all) of operations. But rest? I have no doubts. This stories should be told. About the motives for choosing such way of life. About how difficult is this way and how necessary is to be determined to follow it. Brandon Webb is telling about all of it and in the same time is dispelling ours illusions. It was started in Chris Kyle’s book “American Sniper” – story about soldier who was good enough to became SEAL. But when combat has started soldier made step back. Combat is for real and he realized that it is not for him. In B. Webb’s book there are more such stories. About ineffectual command and lazy soldiers. Yes – in Navy SEAL. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It is good that B. Webb is telling this. We must pay attention to bad things. Particularly here where moment of hesitation could decide about somebody life. Also, it is fight to keep the tradition. The legend built by so many generations. Something non-material – such rare today in world which expect to have.

June 9th, 2012

Just quick - MUST TO BE READ!!!

(more about the book soon)

February 25th, 2012

I haven't read this book yet but I am waiting for it impatiently. Why? Look who comment this book: Marcus Luttrell the author of "Lone Survivor", Chris Kyle the author of "American Sniper", Howard E. Wasdin the author of "SEAL Team Six" (published in Poland under the title "Snajper") and Richard Marcinko the author of "Rouge Warrior" (published in Poland under the title "Komandos"). And all comments are good! I only add that it was Brandon Webb who was instructor of Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell.

I made a contact with Brandon Webb who asked me to put here few words for Polish readers:

"I am very excited to share my book with the great people of Poland. I hope you enjoy reading my story and learning about the U.S. Navy SEAL community. I also want to acknowledge that the SEAL community holds the Polish Special Operations Forces (GROM) in very high regards. Thank you ... for making this possible for me. The Only Easy Day was Yesterday" -Brandon Webb (SEAL Class 215)

I hope also that Brandon Webb book will be published in Poland :)

Additional information about title of the book. "Red Circle" is connected with the red circle of the glowing snipers cross hairs (NightForce scope with glowing reticle/cross hairs).


Link to Brandon Webb's page -

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