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"Black Hawk Down" - the movie and the books

To encourage those, who do not know the „Black Hawk Down” story or the battle, which came into history under the title “Battle of Black Sea” or as the Somalis call it “Maalinti Rangers” – “The Day of the Rangers”, shortly:

Late in afternoon October 3rd 1993 Task Force Ranger 140-strong detachment of soldiers (Rangers, operators from Delta Force and Navy SEAL, pilots from 160th SOAR) attacked the building in the heart of Mogadishu, Somalia. Target of the mission: to capture participants of the Habr Gidr clan meeting, leader of which was Mohamed Farrah Aidid. Planned time of the mission – less then one hour. Real time of the mission – around 15 hours. Casualties of the TF Ranger – eighteen dead, more then seventy badly injured. Two Black Hawk helicopters shot down…

The movie – it have to be seen. It is the cult title in the circle of special forces. There is a book to, with the same title, written by Mark Bowden in 1999. Michael J. Durant, the pilot of one of the shot down helicopters, captured by the Somalis, wrote his memories – “In Company of Heroes” published in 2003. Next I recommend memories of LtG William G. Boykin – “Never Surrender”. The book is worth separate description – I will do it for sure. During the events in Mogadishu at that time Colonel Boykin was the commander of Delta Force Charlie Squadron. So we have opportunity to read about the events from Delta Force member’s point of view. And the last book – “SEAL Team Six” – the events described by Navy SEAL Team Six sniper (I wrote about this book -

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