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22 Regiment SAS B Squadron 7 Troop

Those books are about the men. About their dreams, failures, succeses, friendship - about the life. The life of soldiers of 22 Regiment SAS, B Squadron, 7 (air) Troop - Ice Cream Boys. About being a soldier of Regiment and how it is when you deside to left it. And how it is when you miss it. About life of Frank Collins (The Ayatollah - how he was called by Andy McNab or Blondie how he was called by his mates) - youngest member of assault team during the Iranian Embassy siege in London 1980 (who took a pillow with him to catch a short nap during stand-to and was called Forty Winks Frank). The person who was first in the Regiment showing the Weaver shooting stand. The person who desided to left the Regiment and become a Church of England minister. About the life, the passion and the madness of Charlie Bruce (called Nish or Big Nose by his mates) who was going to beat the world record in high altitude frefall. The person he wrote the book about his madness as a Tom Read. And finally the Andy McNab's books - about his friendship with Frank and Nish - friendship to the grave as it was his duty to write about Frank's and Nish's funerals. It was him asking: why? Why his friends committed the suicide?

If you will be in St Martin's Church cementary in Hereford and you will see the guy pouring the glass with rum on grave please do not be shocked. It is the Angel's share. This grave almost for sure belong to the past soldier of the Regiment and this mate is almost for sure his friend.

Why am I writing about it? Read those four books. The answer is inside. I think that it is rare opportunity to read the same story told by different participants. And if story is about the Regiment for sure you will soon agreed with me.

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