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"The Deguello" by Scott A. Zastrow

First I will explain the meaning ofthe title – „Deguello”. It is spelling de-gwail-yo. This word mean the music played by Mexican military band on the morning of March 6, 1836. This melody was used as a signal to attack on the Alamo. It has additional meaning – meant complete destruction of the enemy without mercy.

Now about ODA 555. It was the first SOF unit, which after September 11th, appeared on Afghanistan’s territory and using contact made by CIA with Northern Alliance’s warriors, started the fight with Taliban. The book is written by Scott A. Zastrow, member of ODA 555, participant of the described events. Though the author wrote that book is a novel based on events, it read as memories.

The chief asset of the book are authenticity of the event’s description and naturalness of characters. Main characters are …normal! They jokes with each other, they are tired, harbor no illusions about “quality” of allies.

The book finish with the description of the photograph taken by members of ODA on the steps of USA Embassy in Kabul shortly after Northern Alliance took the city. Yes – it is this photo…

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